College Of Wooster Basketball Is Atlanta Hawks Good

The College of Wooster’s football is pretty good. Their men’s basketball team, on the other hand, is really good. Like, Atlanta Hawks good.

Since the 2006-07 season, my alma mater has made the NCAA Division III tournament (like the big NCAA tournament, but with amateur players) the last eight years. They’ve made it to the Final Four twice, and they lost in the championship game in 2011.

Year Tournament Result
2007 Final Four
2008 First Round
2009 Second Round
2010 Third Round
2011 Runner Up
2012 Sweet Sixteen
2013 Third Round
2014 Second Round

The Fighting Scots have been beasting their Division III conference – the North Coast Athletic Conference (NCAC) – for years now. Look at their conference winning percentage since the 2006-07 season:

NCAC Conference 2007-2014

In fact, they have the most wins in the 2000s for a Division III school, 387 from 2000-2014. How have they done it? Their coach, Steve Moore, who has been leading the team for 27 years (!), has his team score – a lot. Here’s how Wooster ranks versus the average offensive output in NCAC play. (Note: I started at 2006-07 because thats when the site d3hoops had easily accessible conference statistics. Data is through Friday, January 30.)

NCAC Conference Points Scored 2006-2014

The last three years, the Fighting Scots the highest scoring seasons out of the last full seven in the NCAC (just looking at conference play here). They have 7 of the top 15 conference scoring seasons under their belt.

How’s their defense? Well, not as good as their offense, but slightly better than average. In this case, being below zero is a good thing.

NCAC Conference Points Allowed 2006-2014

Their worst defensive seasons since 2006-07 have actually been the most recent. As they’ve ramped up the scoring, they’ve allowed more points. This hasn’t backfired yet, and they’ve been cruising in the NCAC for decades now.

(Note: R code for scraping d3hoops and making the plots is here.)


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One Response to College Of Wooster Basketball Is Atlanta Hawks Good

  1. Ted Smith IV says:

    What Coach Moore has done is phenomenal. I wish them continued success. Hopefully one of these years they can win the big one in Salem. (Do they still hold the finals there in VA?)

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