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2012 Reflection: Spirit Animals and Cubicles Then You Diiiive In It

Buried within the bill that allows the government to read any of our personal emails, there is a clause that requires every blogger to write a post reflecting on the year that is about to pass.  This is said post, … Continue reading

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TV Review: Revolution

Sorry to burst your TV magic bubble, but that fancy hotel in Chicago Billy Burke tended bar at in the first episode of Revolution?  Sorry, the ground floor of the Georgia Capitol.  They were filming it while I was still interning … Continue reading

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Unemployment Chronicles: Fantasy Baseball

If there’s one benefit of the job search, it’s the time I have for fantasy baseball.  Of course, when you love something, you make time. The two – unemployment and fantasy baseball – intersected yesterday afternoon when I learned that Mark … Continue reading

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Let’s Make Things Easier For Job Applicants

It seems I’ve been constantly applying for jobs for the last year.  It seems that way because I have been.  Because of the short length of internships (and those internships not turning into full-time jobs in the near term) and … Continue reading

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Kitchen Sink: Funemployment, Blood Done Sign My Name, Grantland

Kitchen Sink Time! Funemployment It’s funemployment time, so that means staring contests with the cat in between job interviews, applications, and rolling through the DVR. Book Review: Blood Done Sign My Name The greatest result of Blood Done Sign My Name … Continue reading

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Misplaced Nostalgia: Confederate Memorial Day

Today the State of Georgia is observing Confederate Memorial Day, which is said to originate in 1866 to pay “honor to those who died defending the life, honor and happiness of the Southern women.”  The South’s first cheerleaders. It seems … Continue reading

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From the Gallery: Day 36

Even though my job this winter/spring has been to track legislation through the Georgia General Assembly, I haven’t actually watched the House or Senate in person until Wednesday, Day 36 of the 40-day session.  On normal, I watch the House … Continue reading

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