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Unemployment Chronicles: Fantasy Baseball

If there’s one benefit of the job search, it’s the time I have for fantasy baseball.  Of course, when you love something, you make time. The two – unemployment and fantasy baseball – intersected yesterday afternoon when I learned that Mark … Continue reading

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Let’s Make Things Easier For Job Applicants

It seems I’ve been constantly applying for jobs for the last year.  It seems that way because I have been.  Because of the short length of internships (and those internships not turning into full-time jobs in the near term) and … Continue reading

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Kitchen Sink: Funemployment, Blood Done Sign My Name, Grantland

Kitchen Sink Time! Funemployment It’s funemployment time, so that means staring contests with the cat in between job interviews, applications, and rolling through the DVR. Book Review: Blood Done Sign My Name The greatest result of Blood Done Sign My Name … Continue reading

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