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Frank Wren’s Firing: Looking At The Braves Through A New (To Me) Metric

While the Major League Baseball playoffs have been amazing so far, the Atlanta Braves’ 2014 season is mercifully over. After a quick start to the season (17-7), they finished three games under .500 and 17 games back from the division … Continue reading

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Atlanta Braves 2014 Preview: Aging Trajectories

Being a consumer of sabermetric analysis, a member of a fantasy baseball keeper league, and a die hard Braves fan, the age of players is extremely important. You want youth with enough production that it makes sense to take the 23-year-old … Continue reading

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Will The New Stadium Help Braves Attendance?

Attendance seems to be an ancillary reason for the Braves leaving Turner Field after 2016, but also the reason. The Braves’ laundry list of demands for the area around The Ted is to improve the fan experience outside the ballpark: parking, … Continue reading

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Braves Attendance Has Been Steadily Decreasing Since Moving Into The Ted

Citing traffic and development possibility, the Braves decided to move to empty land at one of the worst trafficked area of Metro Atlanta, the I-75/I-285 intersection in Cobb County. The would pick up an incredible 60% in the proposed deal. … Continue reading

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Kitchen Sink: What’s Worse, Health Care Exchanges or Jeffrey Loria?

You Excited For Today December 14? The presidential election is over – thank the Lord Almighty.  The “worst candidate of 2012” got 30% of the vote in the Tennessee Senate race, and the Affordable Care Act continues down its path. … Continue reading

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Unemployment Chronicles: Fantasy Baseball

If there’s one benefit of the job search, it’s the time I have for fantasy baseball.  Of course, when you love something, you make time. The two – unemployment and fantasy baseball – intersected yesterday afternoon when I learned that Mark … Continue reading

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