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College Of Wooster Basketball Is Atlanta Hawks Good

The College of Wooster’s football is pretty good. Their men’s basketball team, on the other hand, is really good. Like, Atlanta Hawks good. Since the 2006-07 season, my alma mater has made the NCAA Division III tournament (like the big … Continue reading

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An Atlanta Hawks Requiem: The Brooklyn Nets Turned Good

I thought I might jinx my Atlanta Hawks with my January post about how awful the Brooklyn Nets were. If I believed in jinxes and the consequences of forgetting to “knock on wood,” I would point to this paragraph: As … Continue reading

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Memphis, Part II: Grizzlies Grinding

As I mentioned in Part I, the Atlanta Hawks’ game against the Grizzlies was the impetus to visit Memphis. The Griz are a team filled with big personalities and a defensive mindset that has earned them the semi-official nickname/slogan of … Continue reading

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Schadenfreude and the Brooklyn Nets: The 2014 NBA Draft

As an Atlanta Hawks fan, there’s some schadenfreude going on with the Brooklyn Nets. Somehow Hawks general manager Danny Ferry Jedi mind tricked the Nets into taking Joe Johnson’s terrible contract and the right for the Hawks to switch first … Continue reading

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Kitchen Sink: Hotness, Clauses, Snitches, Gone-son

Kitchen Sink time!  On the docket: weather, dangling clauses, and avoiding the newspaper. Should We Talk About The Weather Let’s talk about talking about the heat.  It seems that there are always snarky comments – on the Internet? Crazy?!? – … Continue reading

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NBA Proposal: Skip The First Round, Leave in Black Thanksgiving

I think in my first post I mentioned that I might sprinkle in some NBA posts, even though I want to keep this focused on non-sports things in my life.  That self-fulfilling prophecy has been fully self-prophesied.  I’ll try to … Continue reading

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