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How Slow Am I

A few things are certain in life: death, taxes, and finishing in the bottom half of running events. I’m really slow. I love to run, but it takes me a while to get from here to there and back to … Continue reading

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Map Quest: Nashville Residential Building Permits

Strap on your tool belt, we’re talkin’ ’bout building permits! Specifically, we’re dipping our toes into the building of new homes in Nashville, Tennessee, where we mourn the loss of former resident Swizzle Stick to the Big Apple. Bye, Tay-Tay! … Continue reading

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Frank Wren’s Firing: Looking At The Braves Through A New (To Me) Metric

While the Major League Baseball playoffs have been amazing so far, the Atlanta Braves’ 2014 season is mercifully over. After a quick start to the season (17-7), they finished three games under .500 and 17 games back from the division … Continue reading

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Primary Vs. General Elections: Southern Gubernatorial Elections

I was really fascinated with Harry Enten’s FiveThirtyEight article last month about Hillary Clinton’s 2016 polling numbers (they’re exceptionally high). In it, he dives deeper into the relationship between primary and general election results in presidential elections. According to Enten, … Continue reading

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Atlanta Braves 2014 Preview: Aging Trajectories

Being a consumer of sabermetric analysis, a member of a fantasy baseball keeper league, and a die hard Braves fan, the age of players is extremely important. You want youth with enough production that it makes sense to take the 23-year-old … Continue reading

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Pet Peeve: Bad Graphs in Major Media

One of my biggest pet peeves in this “data journalism” movement that is afoot are the crappy graphs the pop up on major news sites. The biggest perpetrator is the Wonkblog, a policy blog on the Washington Post. They love … Continue reading

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Schadenfreude and the Brooklyn Nets: The 2014 NBA Draft

As an Atlanta Hawks fan, there’s some schadenfreude going on with the Brooklyn Nets. Somehow Hawks general manager Danny Ferry Jedi mind tricked the Nets into taking Joe Johnson’s terrible contract and the right for the Hawks to switch first … Continue reading

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