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World Cup 2014: Brazilian Players with One Name

The World Cup is coming! The World Cup is coming! The tournament opens on June 12, when host nation Brazil plays Croatia in Sao Paulo. I feel likes it’s snuck up on me, even though I’ve been diligently following the US … Continue reading

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Primary Vs. General Elections: Southern Gubernatorial Elections

I was really fascinated with Harry Enten’s FiveThirtyEight article last month about Hillary Clinton’s 2016 polling numbers (they’re exceptionally high). In it, he dives deeper into the relationship between primary and general election results in presidential elections. According to Enten, … Continue reading

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Memphis, Part II: Grizzlies Grinding

As I mentioned in Part I, the Atlanta Hawks’ game against the Grizzlies was the impetus to visit Memphis. The Griz are a team filled with big personalities and a defensive mindset that has earned them the semi-official nickname/slogan of … Continue reading

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